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Valuation Day and Indian Food, ‘Flavours by Kumar’ in Ramsgate

I find in life certain accepted terms and words can be very grating on one’s system. In art speak I loathe the expression ‘cutting edge of art’. What on earth does that actually mean? Is it critic speak for complete rubbish that needs an explanation, or is it a term that is easy to use because critics are too lazy to think of what they precisely mean?


In the same way I hate the word ‘curry’ to describe Indian food. Curry is an anglicised version of the Tamil ‘kari’; in the same way a foreigner could describe all English food as ‘Roast’. The term curry always reminds me of the types that drink many pints of beer etc. and then go for a ‘curry’ usually demanding chilli infused food to show how tough they are. Ugh.

Flavours By Kumar

In east Kent we are lucky indeed to have two superb genuine Indian restaurants, the Ambrette in Margate and Flavours By Kumar in Ramsgate. I stress the words Indian Restaurant, because 95% of all so called Indian restaurants are actually Bangladeshi, and the difference in cuisine is huge. I was brought up in Gwalior in northern India and spoke Hindi as my language. Gwalior was one of the independent states only having to show deference to Britain in defence and foreign policy. I hit upon the Ambrette quite by chance when I had to spend two hours in Margate while my proofs for my biography of Alan Lowndes were being corrected. In those days it was known as The Indian Princess. When I entered the restaurant I asked my usual question, “Are you Bangladeshi or Indian?” “We are an Indian restaurant”, came the reply. We entered and had a marvellous meal and have been back many times.

Valuation day

The restaurant is owned and run by Dev Biswal, a real entrepreneur and chef/business man. His Chef was Alin Kumar. Together they achieved such high standards, the restaurant was awarded an entry in the Michelin Good Food Guide and was voted the best restaurant in the South East. Recently Alin Kumar has left the Ambrette to set up his own restaurant, Flavours By Kumar, in Ramsgate. We now have two exceptional Indian restaurants not very far from each other. Both charge very reasonable prices for top quality food. If anything I would criticise the Ambrette for being too anglicised these days, so I favour Flavours by Kumar for authentic Indian food cooked to the highest standards. We also hold a monthly valuation in Ramsgate in this fantastic restaurant. What a way to spend one’s valuation day.

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