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Turner at the Turner

Anyone wanting to see a great exhibtion should go to Margate to the Turner Gallery. On Saturday I had almost my perfect afternoon, lunch at the Ambrette, in my humble opinion the best Indian restaurant in the South East, and then to the Turner Gallery. At first I was not sure what to make of it all, there was a foul stench as I neared the entrance. I could not work out whether it was decaying sea weed or the odour from some protestors camping by the entrance. I never found out what they were protesting about, it must have been the seaweed.

Genius lasts all time

The gallery had a considerable number of watercolours, a medium in which Turner excelled. The pièce de résistance was a large room with some stunning large paintings; I never moved far from these, they were so good. What his contemporaries made of his paintings makes one wonder, he was so far ahead of his time. I will definitely return. Turner bears up the old adage that the fashionable are for the moment, the very good for a time and the geniuses for all time. It was a lovely sunny afternoon only spoiled to some degree by walking round the outside of what must be the ugliest gallery in Europe. As one gentleman I met said, ‘It is a real blot on the landscape.’ 

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