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The Invasion of Iraq 2003

Surprisingly we have two paintings created as warnings against the British invasion of Iraq in 2003 from a local private client. Banksy created Bomb Hugger (pictured below) and Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps painted Photo Op (pictured above), a grinning Tony Blair looking at his phone in the foreground with a background full of utter mayhem and explosives. It is pure coincidence that the paintings have been entered into our Fine Arts Sale on 21 February. Banksy’s Bomb Hugger, a little girl hugging a bomb, is a really explosive composition of innocence about to be obliterated by evil. The screen print was issued in 2003 with 600 unsigned copies and 150 signed. The Banksy has full attribution by the Pest Control Office and is in perfect condition. Bomb Hugger has become one of Banksy’s signature images. Banksy is in great demand at the moment, so we expect considerable interest.

Kennard Phillips, Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps, have depicted in Photo Op a laughing Tony Blair looking at his mobile phone taking an ego-driven selfie, when behind him there is utter mayhem of bombs and explosives, the banal fronting the horrific. Photo Op is another very strong anti-war image, which does not do much good for Tony Blair whose reputation was much sullied after taking Britain to a war that is increasingly seen as illegal.

Banksy: Estimate £20,000 - £30,000
Title: Bomb Hugger
Size: 70 cm x 50 cm
Medium: Screenprint on White Wove Paper
Print numbered: 193/600
Date of Issue: 2003
Published by Pictures on Walls, London
Certificate of Authenticity by Pest Control

Kennard Phillipps: Estimate £80 - £120
Title: Photo Op
Size: 45 cm x 44 cm
Medium: Digital Print
Signed lower right
Date of Issue: 2003

The auction catgalogue will be online a week prior to going under the hammer on Monday 21 February.