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The Crab: A Railway Engine

Grand Auctions is offering for sale an unusual and locally important painting by Barrie Clark of the Crab – no, not the marine creature, a railway engine.

The Crab in Folkestone

The Crab and other similar engines were used to pull carriages from the main line station in Folkestone to the harbour and back up again. The track has such a slope, often there were four Crabs attached to the carriages. Alas the main line station no longer exists, it has been covered by buildings. The Crab is a key image in the history of Folkestone. The painting is a fine reminder of days past when Folkestone was a thriving seaside town with a busy ferry trade. The painting is lot 321 in the auction to be held at the Tower Theatre, Folkestone, Kent on 23rd May at 6 pm.

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For viewing details and further information contact Jonathan Riley, Paintings specialist at Grand Auctions, Folkestone, Kent.