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The Best of the Best: Homage to India

Grand Auctions is sponsoring an unusual exhibition at Flavours by Kumar restaurant in Ramsgate. People have heard me often praising the standard of food at this restaurant and of course, take my words with a pinch of salt. But this year it is official, Flavours by Kumar is the best Indian restaurant in the UK. Recently Anil Kumar was presented with the Tiffin Cup in the House of Commons by Keith Vaz after a competition for Indian restaurants from all over Britain. Well done Anil. His prices are also amazingly reasonable for the quality of food.

To keep the Indian theme, we are holding an exhibition of Charles Newington’s paintings of the Khajuraho temple complex with its fantastic array of carvings of exquisite quality. Charles is an original painter with a terrific technique and captures the amazing sensuality of the carvings. Hence I have given the event the title the Best of the Best: Homage to India. We have the best chef and the best painter in Kent at the same event. I too have strong connections with India. I was born in Mumbai and lived in Gwalior. Hindi was my first language. I have only one claim to fame, I was told to be quiet by Gandhi for asking too many questions at one of his prayer meetings.

We hope this event will portray some of the complex and subtle aspects of India, its food and its art. Please make sure you book in good time for lunch, the restaurant will be full.

Flavours By Kumar Restaurant is at 2 Effingham Street, Ramsgate CT11 9AT tel. 01843 852631

For further information, please contact Jonathan Riley of Grand Auctions, Folkestone, Kent.