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Spike Milligan Manuscript

Grand Auctions has a gem for sale on 8 May - an original manuscript by Spike Milligan about Paris and Art. For some reason John Bratby asked Spike to write this piece. As ever Spike’s writing is very funny and typically ‘goon’. As we all know, Spike was the inspiration for the Monty Python team and Miller and Cook before them, as well as countless other comedians. Spike has titled the piece ‘Milligart’.

Spike and Bratby knew each other, one lived in Rye the other in Hastings, so not so far apart. Spike liked Bratby’s paintings and wanted a Sunflower by him. Spike asked Bratby many times to come over for supper but Bratby would never come. Spike arranged for a take-away to be delivered to Bratby. Knowing Bratby, I bet he did not find it at all funny.

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