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Medals: The Military Cross

The Military Cross, sometimes referred to as the MC, was a third level military decoration implemented as a direct result of the First World War. The MC was initially issued on 28th December 1914 to junior commission officers of the substantive rank of Captain or below and warrant officers serving in the Army.

Exemplary bravery

The MC was awarded in recognition of an act or acts of exemplary bravery during active operations against the enemy on land. Unlike the Royal Navy who were issuing the Distinguished Service Cross prior to World War I, no such gallantry award had previously existed for the Army.

Services on the ground

As well as members of the Army being awarded The Military Cross, members of the RAF and Royal Navy were also eligible if they had provided services on the ground. As well as the British Army, both members of the Commonwealth and colonial forces were included.

Additional bars

Statistically, 37,104 crosses were issued during the First World War, including only four medals issued with three additional bars. These additional bars typically indicated the campaign or operation the recipient received the award for.

Other ranks included

The Second World War saw a decline in Military Crosses being awarded with only 10,386 issued. Since 1993, after a review of the honours system, other ranks in the military have also been made inclusive.

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