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Dance to the Music of Time

After my light hearted blog selecting my five favourite paintings in the world, I received a slightly curt Twitter repsonse from the Prado Gallery in Madrid. The gist of the message was that there were many old masters worthy of consideration. I think the gallery has slightly missed the point, five from the world’s art collection hardly gives me a chance to mention their many Goyas, El Grecos and Velazquez.

Dance to the Music of Time

On the other hand, I was praised for my excellent choice of Dance to the Music of Time by the Wallace Collection. I could equally have mentioned Rembrandt’s painting of his son Titus in this great gallery. I had come across the Dance to the Music of Time after reading Anthony Powell’s ‘Question of Upbringing’, where he described some old men shuffling around a brazier, which reminded him of Poussin’s painting.

The Wallace Collection

I immediately visited the Wallace collection and was entranced by the painting and many others in the gallery. If anyone has half an hour or so to spare in central London, the Wallace Collection is a great place to visit and is full of all sorts of items. It is almost inconceivable to think the building was in the countryside not so long ago. I consider these wonderful paintings and then hear on the radio this morning that a scribble by an eleven year old Warhol is being valued at over a million dollars, has the world gone mad?

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