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Copy Your Masterpiece and Show It With Confidence

We all know the cost of insurance has recently escalated dramatically. Many people have paintings inherited or bought that have become valuable and are a lure for thieves. So why not make as perfect a copy as possible to hang on the walls with the original safely stored? Delicate watercolours no longer need be hidden behind their own curtains to avoid fading in the light and hence ruined. Giclee prints are generally known as the finest quality reproductions of images that can be made and they don’t fade.

Giclee service

We are offering a service to create perfect facsimiles of paintings on canvas, watercolours, photographs on archival paper, or any heirloom treasures that you may have to part with or squabble over with other family members. Jonathan Riley, paintings specialist with Grand Auctions, has seen much dissent with this over the years, and offering this much needed service will help make everyone happy!

Click here to contact Jonathan Riley, paintings specialist at Grand Auctions, Folkestone, Kent.