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Braaq not Braque

We have for sale an exquisite painting by Brian Shields, known by all as Braaq. Brian was a very talented artist when young and was nicknamed Braque by his school friends. The name stuck but he changed it to Braaq. Mind you, it is surprising his friends had heard of Braque, good for them.

At first Brian’s family urged him not to take up art as a career, so he started an apprenticeship as a chef in a Harrogate hotel. While he was there, he and a friend decided to play a prank. Brian painted the walls of his house with murals then the friend contacted the police saying someone had broken into his house. The police were looking for five weeks until a journalist gave them the name of the mysterious painter. The story had become big news all across the media, Brian was famous.

He soon decided to take up painting as a career holding his first exhibition in 1973, which gained much praise. His career followed a fairly ordinary line until more recent times, when he has become very famous and his works expensive. Collectors especially love his snow scenes. Our painting is of a church, people and a town in the snow, a little gem.

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