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After the outstanding success of the Jack the Ripper postcard which Grand Auctions sold in April for £22,000, we thought we would have a quick round-up of some of the international press coverage we received in the following weeks. Click on the screenshots for the full stories or click here for even more coverage.

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  • Posted by Simon Rufus

We have a wonderful satirical hand coloured print for sale by that master of satire and invective, James Gillray. In the eighteenth century two giants held sway in the field of satire, Hogarth and Gillray. Until recently Hogarth was recognized as the greater figure, but recently the position seems to have changed to Gillray, an extraordinary caricaturist and political satirist. He brilliantly made fun of the monarchy, especially George III and George IV and other leading political and well known figures.

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  • Posted by Jonathan Riley

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