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Y Ba Nyan 1897-1947 Myanmar (Burmese), Tazaung at Shwe Dagon Pagoda


Y Ba Nyan 1897-1947 Myanmar (Burmese), Tazaung at Shwe Dagon Pagoda. 13.75 x 20 ins., (35 x 51 cms.), Watercolour, Signed, The watercolour has not faded at all having lived in a closed house and a blanket for many years. The painting was framed by Thacker Spink and CO in Calcutta and is still in very good condition.

The painting was originally bought by David Hendry who worked for a while in Burma as part of his job with ICI in India improving and developing agriculture in both countries. In 1939 he was living in Calcutta at 21 Burdwan Road, Alipore. He was a member of the Assembly in Calcutta representing the European party. He left India in 1943/1944 returning to the UK but died in 1949 of Yellow Fever. He was a cultivated man recognising the quality of Ba Nyan's paintings. We are delighted to have work by Ba Nyan, possibly Myanmar's most important painter. He trained at art school in England and was thus fully conversant with western art, which he took back with him on his return to Myanmar. He managed to show young Myanmar artists what was happening in the west and hence break with the constraints of Myanmar art. Tazaung is a real treasure of a painting.

Auction Date: December 2019


£600 - £900

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