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Weir, Linda May b1951 British AR, St


Weir, Linda May b1951 British AR, St. Ives Harbour. 10 x 20.75 ins.,(25.5 x 53 cms.), Oil on Board, Signed and Dated 92. Linda Weir made the following very interesting comments about her painting: ''It's a long view of the harbour from the harbour wall. Each year there is a tall boat festival, when the big jumbos like the black one on the left - ancient- sails all around the peninsula from Newlyn to make a big stand with the blackness and red sails. One is called Ripple, the Dolly Pentreath another, which used to be moored in the centre of the harbour, but someone has stuck an ungraceful cabin on her and has used her for fishing. I have forgotten most of the other names. The Dolly used to be a most iconic image in some of my best paintings. The little boats are named after the first elephants, who came to St.Ives once in early Victorian times. It's an exciting scene and high tide in the afternoon too, probably around August Bank Holiday.''

Auction Date: December 2017


£300 - £400

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