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Shirlaw, George 1934-2005 British AR, Tess Standing


Shirlaw, George 1934-2005 British AR, Tess Standing. 28.75 x 21.25 ins., (73 x 51.5 cms.), Oil on Canvas, Signed. Provenance: Acquired from the artist. Two paintings added - Shirlaw by Bratby and Bratby and Shirlaw by Shirlaw, both are not for sale. George Shirlaw was a very independent minded man who did not play the gallery game very well, rather like his friend, John Bratby. He must have been traumatized as a child when he saw his father being decapitated and his mother tortured and killed by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore. In the same way but nowhere near as seriously, Bratby never really recovered from the early death of his father and later his mother. Shirlaw and Bratby struck up a close friendship during the period Bratby lived in Hardy Road. They were often drinking companions in the Clarendon or the Royal in Blackheath. Bratby even painted a good portrait of George, which shows the respect he had for him. George used to say that people could not tell their work apart. Like Bratby, George was a wonderful draughtsman, and also like him, his paintings are 'strong', you can't miss them on a wall. George lived in and travelled the world picking up ideas and especially colour. He is an intriguing good painter.

Auction Date: October 2018


£100 - £200

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