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Pop memorabilia: The Beatles signed Cafe Royal napkin


Pop memorabilia: The Beatles signed Cafe Royal napkin. Signed on 1st January 1964 by all four members of The Beatles (Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Star and George Harrison) at the Cafe Royal Hotel in London. Signed in blue ballpoint pen. The vendor is a magician, musician and dancer. He was working at the Empire Theatre, Liverpool, where he used to attend the Cavern Club and became friendly with the Beatles. In 1964 he was working at the Prince of Wales Theatre and heard that the Beatles were staying at the Cafe Royal in preparation for their first major concert at the London Palladium, which happened to be near the Prince of Wales. He went round to the cafe Royal and met the Beatles. He asked them if they would sign their autographs, which they were happy to do. The only surface available was a Cafe Royal serviette, on which the autographs were duly signed. It is unusual to have such good provenance for the Beatles signatures. 1964 was an amazing year for the Beatles, a few months after the Palladium concert they appeared on the Ed Sullivan show on American TV. The result was amazing, the Beatles songs went to one, two three and four in the American hit parade, the first time anyone other than Americans had achieved this feat. The Beatles were thus international stars at the highest level.

Auction Date: April 2019


£800 - £1200

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