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Newington, Charles Contemporary British AR, Lake Ceremony (Kerala)


Newington, Charles Contemporary British AR, Lake Ceremony (Kerala). 6 x 8 ins., (15.5 x 20.25 cms.), Oil on Panel, Signed with Monogram CN, Signed and Titled verso. Charles wrote: 'The little Indian drawing shows a magical moment as devotees are blessed by the elephant on the edge of a river in the deep jungle of Kerala. The village hosts a festival with as many elephants as they can afford making a parade, which culminates in extreme rituals on the river's edge. The chosen ones have spikes driven through their cheeks and hang from hooks and chains suspended from poles mounted on lorries in the parade. Equally beautiful and agonizing to watch, an extreme profession of their Hindu faith, and, amazingly no one seems to be hurt.'

Auction Date: April 2019


£150 - £200

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