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Moore, Henry 1898-1986 British AR Three Seated Women, 63 x 47


Moore, Henry 1898-1986 British AR Three Seated Women, 63 x 47.25 ins., (160 x 120 cms.), Screen Printed Wall Panel, Signed, Provenance: The wall panel comes with a letter from Ascher by Norman Clare, which is illustrated in the catalogue with the panel and is sold with the painting. The edition of 65 was printed in 1989 with 10 printer's proofs. The signature is bottom right and the number bottom left on the fabric below the image. The frame covers this, so the number is not known. There are images of Three Seated Women in the Henry Moore Foundation, ed., Henry Moore Textiles, Hampshire, 2008 pp. 150 and 154 Henry Moore was inspired to undertake fabric design with the encouragement of Zika Ascher, a Czech textile manufacturer who had fled the Nazis in 1939. Ascher commissioned Moore among other well known artists - Picasso, Matisse, Derain - to make designs for head scarves. Moore filled four sketchbooks with textile designs. Three Women was designed in the forties at a time when not all accepted the idea a great artist should design textiles. In 1946 Nicholas Pevsner raised the question whether artists demeaned themselves by associating with a non unique artefact. Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth strongly disagreed with such an elitist view of art. As the letter explains, Moore's wall panels were largely ignored when they were first produced, but the world has changed a great deal since then. These large wall panels are a superb image to have in any situation whether domestic or commercial, some have fetched a very high price. It is rare for Three Seated Women to be offered for sale at an auction.

Auction Date: May 2012


£3000 - £5000

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