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Milligan, Spike 1918-2002 Irish/British AR, Bendy Doll


Milligan, Spike 1918-2002 Irish/British AR, Bendy Doll. 10 x 7.5 ins., (25.5 x 19 cms), Ink, Inscribed 1960s, Top Right Spike Milligan reversed. Verso: Title and Agency Club, London 1995. It is fitting that we have two paintings by Spike in our sale in July, 2018 is the centenary year of Spike's birth. Most people have heard of and been very amused by Spike in The Goon Show in particular. His irreverent and surreal humour.was to influence most of the comics since then. I was lucky enough to be friends of one of the Footlights at the time of John Cleese, Bill Oddy etc. They will tell you how much Spike influenced them. He is a comic genius and given so much pleasure to millions. We have lost so much with the present politically correct humour forced on society today. He was also a good artist..After leaving the army, Spike Milligan was particularly interested in developing his talents in art and completed a number of paintings, mostly magnificent landscapes. He had considerable ability in art and to his dying day regretted he never had time to develop his skills in painting. He was of course a comic genius and a good musician, so he did have competing interests. He only ever held one public solo exhibition of his paintings and drawings organised by Charles Newington in the Agency Club in St. James. All paintings were not for sale. The two images we have were included in the Agency Club exhibition and have come for sale through the family.

Auction Date: July 2018


£200 - £300

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