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Milligan, Spike 1918-2002 Irish AR, Art and Paris by Milligart


Milligan, Spike 1918-2002 Irish AR, Art and Paris by Milligart. The manuscript is an amusing and very well written piece by Milligan or Milligart as he styles himself on the subject of Paris and Art. For some reason Bratby had asked Spike to produce this article. Milligan and Bratby knew each other, one living in Rye, the other in Hastings, not so far apart. On one occasion Spike became so frustrated by Bratby turning down all his invitations to come to supper, he organised a take-away meal to be delivered to Bratby. We do not know how Bratby received this gift, I can't see him being amused. Milligart is two and a third pages long and very amusing. The copyright for all Spike's works belongs to Spike Milligan Productions Limited, but here is a chance to buy an original manuscript that is not likely to come again. Together with this manuscript are two more by Norman Atkinson and Lord Thorneycroft on similar subjects. The first paragraph of Milligart and two photographs illustrated in the catalogue are as follows: Single figure - a young Spike Milligan Group L to R - Unknown with George Martin's hand above his head, Valentine Dyall, Pat Spike's wife, John Antrobus and Spike Milligan We would like to thank John Repsch of the Goon Preservation Society for his very kind permission to reproduce these interesting early images of Spike Milligan.

Auction Date: May 2017


£100 - £120

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