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Mikhaylov, Boris 1959-2015 Ukraine, Anticipation


Mikhaylov, Boris 1959-2015 Ukraine, Anticipation. 35 x 42.5 ins., (89 x 108 cms.), Oil on Canvas, Signed, Titled and Dated 1986 verso as well as his year of birth. Boris had a very successful career as a painter in Russia as was but now the Ukraine. He had 25 one man exhibitions and 30 group exhibitions in the Ukraine and abroad. He was the son of a blacksmith and could use metal in his creations. His exhibition list is very strong starting at a one man show at the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg to Art and Vision Gallery in Switzerland and the Kunsthaus Gallery in Vienna. In group shows he exhibited in Spain, Paris, Britain, Japan and Switzerland amongst others. Two of his paintings were taken for sale at Christies. Sadly he died of a massive heart attack on his way to his studio on December 25th, 2015. His work is very much in the vein of Victor Popkov and other Russian artists like Minikov and Jilinskiy. It is an imposing piece. Anticipation is very much part of Russian social realism with an expectant family waiting for whom or what?

Auction Date: December 2018


£200 - £300

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