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Laws of Cricket as laid down by the Club at St Mary-le-Bone


Laws of Cricket as laid down by the Club at St Mary-le-Bone. 17.5 x 11 ins., (44.5 x 28 cms.) The 'Rules' date is 1809 and feature as entry number 168 in the Padwick bibliography of cricket. Etching contemporary to the date of the Laws of Cricket. There are some very interesting laws created so many years ago. The visitors have the choice of who bats first and where the wickets should be pitched. There is considerable discussion today about the toss in cricket, which often determines which side wins. I have coped the letter 'f' for 's' as in the document. It actually makes reading difficult. I also noticed the spelling of 'center'. Lords library has a copy of this document, but not the original pressing as this one is. Charles Newington was a member of the company that made a copy of it in large numbers. Betting is included in the laws of cricket, my goodness that would arouse great debate today. There are some examples of the laws below. The LAWS of the NOBLE Game of Cricket as revised by the Club at St-Mary-le-Bone 1.  THE PARTY WHICH GOES FROM HOME Shall have the choice of the innings, and the pitching of the wickets, which fhall be pitched within thirty yards of a center fixed by the Adverfaries. 2. THE BOWLER Shall deliver the Ball with one foot behind the Bowling Crease and within the Return Creafe, and fhall bowl four Balls before he changes Wickets, which he fhall do but once in the same Innings. He may order the Striker at his Wicket, to stand on which fide he pleafes. 3.  BETS If the Notches of one Player are laid against another, the Bets depend on the First Inning, unless othewife fpecified .....

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