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Kelly, Philip 1950-2010 British/Mexican AR, En la Calle


Kelly, Philip 1950-2010 British/Mexican AR, En la Calle. 12 X 20 ins., (30.5 x 51 cms.), Oil on Canvas, Signed. Philip moved to Mexico on the toss of a coin. He gradually worked his way up the painters' ladder until the Mexican earthquake in 1985 where he saw on American TV his block of flats absolute flattened with his wife and paintings inside. He came back to the UK distraught by the tragedy, but found he could not settle here. The lure of sun and cheap beer took him back to Mexico city, where his art flourished culminating in a fantastic one man show in the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City. In Mexico his paintings now fetch thousands.

Auction Date: October 2017


£300 - £500

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