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Hills, Diane British AR, Autumn at Alder Wasley Park, Derbyshire


Hills, Diane British AR, Autumn at Alder Wasley Park, Derbyshire. 25 x 18.5 ins., (63.5 x 47 cms.), Oil on Card, Signed. Diane was the young art student with whom Bratby became completely besotted leading to the break up of his marriage. This relationship never had a chance of success with Bratby's total paranoia and jealousy. When Diane told him the affair was over, Bratby took her out in his Mercedes car for a last attempt at reconciliation. When he saw there was no chance, he drove the car headlong into a brick wall to kill them both. He had underestimated the build quality of the Mercedes, both of them were not seriously hurt. It was a dramatic end to his love affair. However unsuccessful the affairs of the heart might have been, his painting was outstanding during his time with Diane, when he tried to bring colour into his pictures. In fact he said to me that ''I tried to beat Sickert by having clashing colours, but I could not do it, Sickert beat me with his tonality.'' He wrote on the back of one of his many paintings of Diane, ''I painted this picture with love.'' Perhaps that was the ingredient that gave his pictures such vibrancy

Auction Date: June 2015


£200 - £300

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