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Harris, Mavis 1933-2008 British AR, Pyrenees Sheep Dog


Harris, Mavis 1933-2008 British AR, Pyrenees Sheep Dog, 12 x 16 ins., (30.5 x 40.5 cms.), Oil on Canvas, Signed.Pyrenees Sheep Dog is a wonderful example of the painter's skill. Mavis was a somewhat eccentric self taught artist with an intense eye for detail. She would only paint at night to avoid being interrupted, and believed that Gaston de Foix, a commander in chief to French king Louis XIV directed her painting. She fervently believed he stood by her and talked about what was happening in each painting and what colours to use. It all sounds rather strange, she was adamant it was real. Her attention to detail started with checking each canvas had no imperfections in the weave. She never knew what she was going to paint, it just evolved . All her paintings are multiple glazed with many layers of different colours, so that in different light and temperatures they change colour. Her paintings took at least six to nine months to complete.

Auction Date: February 2019


£100 - £150

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