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Griffiths, David b1939 MBE British, Enoch Powell


Griffiths, David b1939 MBE British, Enoch Powell. 30 x 24 ins., )76 x 61 cms.), Oil on Canvas, Signed David has painted the portraits of many distinguished people including famous artists such as Peter Prendergass, Kyffin Williams and Arthur Giardelli. It was while he attended the unveiling of his portrait of the warden of Llandovery College that a parent asked him whether he would consider painting a portrait of Enoch Powell. He agreed and to David's surprise the sitting was fixed in Enoch's home off Eton Square. He allowed David one hour, so off they set. After a very stern start, Enoch softened and talked freely, the one hour became two. Enoch was undoubtedly one of the most intelligent men ever to become an MP, but sadly is mostly remembered for one speech on immigration. As a slight connection to David's portrait of Nigel Farage, it was Nigel who was Enoch's chauffeur bringing him to Eton Square for the portrait sitting.

Auction Date: December 2019


£1500 - £2000

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