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Greenwood, Orlando 1892-1989 British AR, Sylphs


Greenwood, Orlando 1892-1989 British AR, Sylphs. 14 x 11 ins., (35.5 x 28 cms.), Oil on Canvas, Signed. Label verso: Orland Greenwood, 'Sylphs', Colln. H.M.K.of Sweden. There is a photograph of the King of Sweden and a card stating that the Members' visit to the King of Sweden's exhibition at the British Museum is now arranged for Thursday, 16th of March from 6 to 8.30 p.m. The King of Sweden, Carl Gustav Folke Hubertus XVI is a good collector of art and an excellent source of provenance. He also has reigned longer than any other King of Sweden.

Auction Date: February 2019


£600 - £900

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