Lot 341

Gormley, Antony b1950 British AR Sculpture in Prison


Gormley, Antony b1950 British AR Sculpture in Prison. Height 15 ins., Width 25 ins. Constructed from sticky tape. Gormley was invited by the vendor to attend some art classes for prisoners. His job is teaching art to the members constrained in prison. Gormley enjoyed his day, and while sitting in with the prisoners, he constructed our sculpture. The vendor wishes to give any monies raised to the Koestler Arts Trust charity.. Like so many of Antony Gormley's sculptures there is full meaning in the shapes and composition of his sculptures. It is quite easy to see that the sculpture shows the feelings of being stuck in a Jail. Antony is currently holding a major exhibition in the Royal Academy.

Auction Date: September 2019


£5000 - £7000

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