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Goldwag, Hilda 1912-2008 Austrian/British/Jewish AR, Cycle


Goldwag, Hilda 1912-2008 Austrian/British/Jewish AR, Cycle. 30 x 42 ins., (76 x 106.5 cms.), OIl on Board, Signed Hilda was born in Vienna and soon showed a special talent in art and was asked to join the Anna Schangtruck Art Classes for gifted children. At fourteen years of age she was painting murals in a new kindergarten. Very fortunately in 1939 Hilda gained a permit to travel to Edinburgh, her mother, brother, sister and brother in law with baby were also sent a permit to leave, which arrived the day the war broke out, they were stranded and all were killed in the holocaust. As a consequence her life has always been tinged with sadness after the appalling loss of her family. Many of her paintings reflect this trait. She ended her days living in the Gorbals in Glasgow, quite a scary place. Many of her paintings were large, yet she was very small.

Auction Date: October 2017


£50 - £60

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