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Fussell, Michael 1927-1974 British AR, Untitled Abstract


Fussell, Michael 1927-1974 British AR, Untitled Abstract. 40 x 42 ins., (101.5 x 106.5 cms.), Oil on Canvas, Provenance: The previous owner's husband was a close friend of Michael Fussell and acquired the painting directly from the artist. Michael Fussell was considered a social realist in his early days and was exhibited at the Beaux Arts Gallery in 1957, but later painted many seascapes/landscapes. Sylvester Stein wrote, "One of the few thoughtful and responsible young painters in England is Michael Fussell. His work is austere, honest and profound, not simply clever. Being profound his work has lacked flashiness. Lacking flashiness it also lacked an early noisy attention. But now there is a growing up, after his exhibitions at the Beaux Arts Gallery, London, a steady and attentive interest in his seascapes and four weatherscapes." His works are in a number of major public collections, but has escaped below the radar for the general public. His work is very interesting. In 1976 a retrospective exhibition of his work was held in the Tate Gallery and The Arts Council.

Auction Date: July 2020


£600 - £1200

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