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Dufy, Raoul 1877-1953 French AR, Epsom Downs


Dufy, Raoul 1877-1953 French AR, Epsom Downs. 18 x 22 ins., (40 x 56 cms.), Watercolour/Gouache, Signed and Titled.

Epsom Downs is a very interesting painting and possibly a real bargain. I took the painting to a leading London Auction House and was seen by the usual youngster. She became excited on viewing it and asked to take it to her department for further consultation. Eventually she returned and said that they all thought it might well be by Dufy. 'Could you leave it with us for further investigation?' I then showed it to a leading gallery, which dealt with paintings at this level. The owner said, 'It is certainly bad enough to be by Dufy and looks right. I have a client who could well be interested in the painting, but it needs to be verified by the expert in Paris.'

After consultation with the owner, I took it back to the Auction House and left it there. Eventually the young lady told the vendor it could not be right, because there was a Matisse drawing on the back, therefore it was a forgery. However, it now becomes very interesting. Further research by us revealed that Dufy knew Matisse well and for a time lived near him. But what is most fascinating, a Matisse like drawing signed 'Matisse' appears in Dufy's catalogue raisonne as a work by him, not Matisse. Well well, that was a real surprise. We have illustrated both drawings.

The painting is a very good one, very well framed, and a beautiful adornment for any home. There is also the tantalising feeling it could it indeed be by Dufy and worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Auction Date: February 2017


£1800 - £2500

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