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Cynicus (Martin Anderson) 1854-1932 British, Three Hand Coloured Prints


Cynicus (Martin Anderson) 1854-1932 British, Three Hand Coloured Prints. Dispatching Foreign, A Canticle, They toil not neither do they spin yet Soloman in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 6.25 x 9 ins.,, 9 x 6.25 ins, 9 x 6.25 ins., Lithographs hand coloured with Watercolour, Signed Martin Anderson first used Bob as his pseudonym but soon changed to Cynicus. He was a Scotsman, but spent quite an extensive period of his life in England. He made quite a lot of money designing post cards until World War I stifled the market. At one stage he was threatened with internment for displaying an anti war poster as part of his growing interest in political cartoons.

Auction Date: February 2019


£50 - £60

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