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Cotter, Johnny Contemporary British AR, Flowers in your Hair (Che Guevara)


Cotter, Johnny Contemporary British AR, Flowers in your Hair (Che Guevara). 49 x 40 ins., (124.5 x 117 cms.) Printed on Aluminium 4/4, Signed verso and dated 11-9-2012. Johnny Cotter hit the headlines when some people complained to the police about a painting of David Beckham on the Cross that hung in the gallery window in Folkestone no less. It is quite remarkable that such a fuss should have occurred in the twenty first century. The worthies that complained should have gone to a teacher training college in Lancaster where there is a huge painting by Bratby of himself on the cross. Our print is a very unusual depiction of the great revolutionary, Che Guevara, the pivotal figure in winning the revolutionary war against the dictator, Batista, against all the odds and some American backing. It is a striking and beautiful image. The aluminium on which the print is fixed will not buckle or bend, and the print has been treated and should not fade for at least 90 years.

Auction Date: October 2018


£100 - £150

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