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Cooke, Jean 1927-2008 British AR, Flowers in Bottles


Cooke, Jean 1927-2008 British AR, Flowers in Bottles. 20 x 16 ins., (51x40.5 cms.), Oil on Canvas, Signed verso and stating it was painted in 63 or 64. There is an interesting story about this painting. The vendor sent a photograph of the then unsigned painting to Jean and asked her to confirm it was by her. She wrote back stating it was definitely not by her. The vendor knew full well that it was definitely by her, so he asked her if he could bring it along. The meeting was fixed and the vendor arrived at he house in Hardy Road only to find the most unclean house he had ever visited. Jean again said the painting was not by her, but walking into a room that had some paintings by her on the wall, he pointed out that one of them looked very like his painting. At that she totally changed her views and said it was indeed by her and involved some gypsies who nearly took it away for nothing. She then signed it on the back and dated it, As we all know Jean was a very eccentric lady.

Auction Date: February 2019


£600 - £900

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