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Brunatto, Franco Contemporary Italian, Yachts


Brunatto, Franco Contemporary Italian, Yachts. Oil on Paper, Signed, Well framed. Franco Brunatto has lived an extraordinary life. He was a well known painter in his younger days exhibiting in a top Rome Gallery selling his paintings for タ80,000. On one occasion he had a very successful exhibition selling almost all his paintings, but heard nothing from the gallery. He eventually contacted the gallery to request payment, but was told to look at his contract, where he would find nothing was due to him. He gave up painting and became a deep sea diver all around the Mediterranean. One day he was driving his car along a road in Liguria, north Italy, when a Dutchman thumbed for a lift. 'Where do you want go?' 'Bussana Vecchia', came the reply. This journey was to change his life. He drove to the little town perched on top of a hill, but in total ruins. In 1887 the town had been flattened by an earthquake and most of the inhabitants killed at morning service in the church. As Franco has pointed out, the saints were killed while the sinners were spared. In the sixties some artists had arrived at the ruined town and set up their studios with no running water, electricity or drains. The town appealed to Franco and he decided to stay, but most of the other artists have gone. He is still in his cavern like studio at the entrance to the village painting every day and selling his pictures. Recently he was featured in one of the main art magazines in Italy, which has helped raise his profile and prices. His paintings show refreshing originality reflecting this truly amazing man.

Auction Date: October 2017


£50 - £60

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