Lot 117

Bratby, John 1928-1992 British AR, The Blasted Windows


Bratby, John 1928-1992 British AR, The Blasted Windows. 45 x 34 ins., (114.5 x 86.5 cms.), Oil on Canvas, Signed and Dated Nov 1959. Zwemmer Gallery Label verso. This is a fine early Bratby showing all his skills before some of his later extravaganza. Bratby kept quite an extensive set of diaries jotting down his thoughts which mostly seemed to centre on his drinking and sex life. However he made an interesting comment about painting a masterpiece. "Bacon tried again and again. But he destroyed his failures and I cannot afford to." There is no doubt his standards were much higher in his earlier period with paintings such as The Blasted Windows.

Auction Date: July 2020


£4000 - £6000

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