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Bonnard, Pierre 1867-1947 French, Sentier du Jardin


Bonnard, Pierre 1867-1947 French, Sentier du Jardin. 6 x 4 ins., (15 x 10 cms.), Pencil. The drawing is in good condition. Label Verso: Mercury Gallery, Title: Sentier du Jardin, Artist: Pierre Bonnard, Purchaser: T.D.Trueman Esq., Date: 16th January 1978. The Mercury Gallery regularly sold Bonnard drawings. Bonnard always regarded drawing as a vital part of his art. He eccentrically kept several very short pencils in his pocket and regarded them as an extension to his fingers. At every opportunity, even crossing the road, he would whip one out and scribble. Presumably the roads were not so busy then. Bonnard also had a slight problem with knowing when he felt he had finished an art work. There is a charming story of the day when he attended one of his major exhibitions. The curator noticed a small man was actually painting over one of the exhibits. Fortunately it was Bonnard himself 'completing the picture'. Bonnard in the midst of a painting crisis told his nephew, "I drew ceaselessly. And after drawing comes the composition, which must be balanced. Drawing is sensation, colour is reasoning." He drew many little drawings in his sketch pad secreted in his hand, which look rather like minor works, but if studied seriously, were starting points for paintings. We would like to thank Jeffrey Cohen for his kind help with cataloguing this drawing.

Auction Date: July 2020


£1800 - £2500

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