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An interesting collection of Space Memorabilia relating to the Apollo and Space Shuttle Missions


An interesting collection of Space Memorabilia relating to the Apollo and Space Shuttle Missions. Comprising of the STS-1 Orbiter Final Mission Report, dated August 1981, produced by NASA and prepared by the Mission Evaluation Team and concurred by M.A. Collins Jr. (Chief, Integration Devision), R.A. Colonna (Manager, Program Operations Officer) and Aaron Cohen (Manager, Orbiter Project) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas. This report presents the summary of an indepth evaluation of the Orbiter performance on the first Space Shuttle flight (STS-1). The report presents an assessment of subsystem performance and a listing of anomalies encountered during the flight. Also included are the problem closeout reports for these anomalies and the corrective action for STS-2 along with the crew's report. This report, when combined with the other element reports, presents an evaluation of the integrated vehicle. 237 pages together with an appendix; The Final Briefing review of the Shuttle Orbital Applications Requirements, dated November 1971. Published by McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company-West. This briefing covers the activities of the final quarter of the SOAR study. In this study, the broad array of prospective Shuttle payloads is analysed to determine the systems and operations required to provide economical, flexible services to future payloads. Briefing topics and speakers include configurations, subsystems and interfaces with L. Schulte, Operations and System Performance with F. Riel, Automated Satellites with C. Graves of TRW Inc, sortie experimentation with P. Rex MMC and introductions, summary and future by F. Runge. 202 pages; 3rd Status Report of the External Tank Study presented to the Marshal Space Flight Center, dated 25th May 1971. This report covers various agendas including the Series Vs Parallel Burn, Point Design Status the booster, orbiter and tanks along with other key issues including tank disposal, abort analysis, propellant feed systems and Engine design data; a large booklet entitled 'Supporting Research and technology required for the Space Shuttle, dated 18th September 1970. This report discusses shuttle technology plans including aerothermodynamics and configuration development, thermal protection systems, thermal control including cryogenic insulation, primary structure and tanks, composites, dynamics and aeroelasticity, integrated thermal Structural design, propulsion, integrated electronics, subsystems, Man-system integration and systems design, 227 pages; Volume I proposal guide of the Space Shuttle Program Executive Summary, dated 12th May 1972. Report No. E0600. Presented by McDonnell Douglas TRW systems group; a Space Shuttle News Reference book by NASA. This book is compiles the best basic and technical information available on all elements of the Space Shuttle Program; The STS-1 First Space Shuttle Mission press kit, dated 1981. The front cover depicted with a watercolour of the Space Shuttler Orbiter Enterprise by Nicholas Solovioff; a vehicle permit for the First Launch of The Space Shuttle NASA Causeway West at the John F. Kennedy Space Center together with a Guest information Sheet; A NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Mission Press Kit. Released 6th July 1969. 250 pages; An Apollo 11 letter detailing the revised flight plan changes, dated June 13th 1969. An Apollo II Launch information booklet together with an Apollo II First Men On The Moon badge dated July 20th 1969; a large document entitled 'A Summary Of the Apollo Saturn missions, Apollo 4 thru II. Derived from NASA press kits. 269 pages; a book entitled 'Lunar photographs from Apollos 8, 10 and 11' by the National Aeronauctics and Space Administration, dated 1971. 119 pages; a signed copy of the book 'Apollo 13' by Jim(James) Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger. Signed by the astronaut James Lovell. Published by Pocket Books; a statement by Edgar Cortright, the Chairman of the Ap

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