Lot 150

An interesting collection of NASA memorabilia


An interesting collection of NASA memorabilia. Consisting of a United States of America flag which flew over the Kennedy Space Center during the launch of STS-83/Columbia on April 4th 1997 and presented within a transparent zip cover; a photograph of the Gemini II (Nasa Code: GT11) rocket signed in the top left corner by Charles Conrad and Richard F. Gordon reading 'Good show - Charles Conrad' and 'Great work - Dick Gordon'; a Gemini II area permit ID clip badge for R. L. Harvey (Martin 6); a framed certificate from the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation Gemini Commemorative Brick, in recognition of Robert L. Harvey of Martin-Marietta, which was installed in November 1997; a framed certificate from The Astronauts Memorial Foundation and The NASA Alumni League Florida Chapter certifying Robert L. Harvey is inscribed on Spacewalk Of Honour at the John F. Kennedy Space Center in recognition of support of the American Space Program, Certificate No. 01002; a Lockheed Space Operations Company Pad ''A'' Operations Employee Of The Month, May 1993 wall trophy; together with various photographs, certificates and old newspaper articles and a sealed, mint, first man on the moon five dollar coin. Provenance: These items are from the collection of the family of Robert Harvey. Fifteen years ago Bob Harvey was a rocket fuel expert working on the NASA moon probe and following programmes. In 1997 he was found dead on a platform near the top of a Titan rocket with a six inch gash in the back of his head. How had he died? Some unusual events following his death have created unsolved mysteries. The flag in this lot was given to his widow Yvonne by NASA. The other items were collected over the years by Bob and then later by his family.

Auction Date: September 2012


£500 - £800

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