Lot 101

A pair of Staffordshire lion and lamb groups


A pair of Staffordshire lion and lamb groups. Circa 1848. Both are hand painted and modelled with one facing left and the other right, the sejant lions with recumbent lambs at their feet. The pair were most likely produced to coincide with a visit from the world famous lion tamer, Isaac Van Ambourg from Kentucky, America who performed with lions as well as tigers and leopards in Astley's Amphitheatre in London, Drury Lane and in the provinces throughout England. Van Ambourg's performances became so high profile that visitors included The Duke Of Wellington and even Queen Victoria herself who visited on numerous occasions. As well as being the first animal tamer and trainer to place his head inside a lion's mouth, a main highlight of Van Amburgh's performance was to make a lion lay down with a lamb. 10.2 in (26 cm) height. (2)

Auction Date: September 2012


£700 - £1000

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