Lot 146

A large collection of old bank notes


A large collection of old bank notes. Consisting of a United States of America Silver certificate one dollar, an Oesterreich Zwanzig schilling, July 1967, a Republica Dos Estados Unidos do Brazil cinco cruzeiros, four Belgian notes ,un franc 1920, twenty francs 1964, cinq Franc 1938, 100 Francs 1972, a Canadian one dollar, 1954 (Queen Elizabeth II), a South African rand, two Burma notes, one kyat and five kyats, a Moldova five cinci lei, four Ukrainian notes (one hundred/two hundred/one thousand/ten thousand), an Indochina twenty francs note, an Italian 500 lire note, 1967, a Reichsbanknote, 100 marks, april 1910, a Umlauf Gesetzt Deutschland 50 pfenig (half mark) 1944, a fine Rentenmark (one mark), a German ten marks, 1970, two Banque Du Liban une livre notes, a Nederland one golden 1945 note, a five shillings and a 2/6 note issued by the British Military Authority, two English ten shillings notes in near mint condition, two English one pound notes in near mint with Sir Isaac Newton on one side, chief cashiers J.B. page and D.H.F. Somerset, an English old one pound note, three Central Bank of Cyprus notes consisting of two, two hundred and fifty mils, dated 1969 and together with another dated 1980, a sealed Peruvian International Currency collection one thousand bank note dated 1988 (in original cover from the Sunday Times), A Banco de Portugal vinte escudos bank note, dated 1964, an Indian ten rupees note, a Russian note dated 1919 together with two later Russian notes and a sealed Wookey Hole, Somerset reproduction ten dollar bill printed on paper hand made in the same manner as the paper consigned for the Confederate Bank notes issued at Richmond, Virginia during the 19th century using pure cotton imported from North Carolina U.S.A. (43)

Auction Date: September 2012


£100 - £200

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