Lot 70

A drawing from Charles Bronson to Reginald 'Reggie' Kray


A drawing from Charles Bronson to Reginald 'Reggie' Kray. The cartoon illustration drawn in pen and pencil by Charles Salvador formerly known as Charles Bronson reads 'Best Wishes Reg.' signed 'Charles Bronson 98' to the lower right corner. The reverse written in ballpoint pen reads as follows ''Remember when I chopped O'Rooke up on C-Wing. Ron wanted to come to court for me! But I said it's okay. O'Rooke made a 6 page statement. He said I did it for you and Ron but I actually did it coz he was a big bully, ignorant rat. He was bullying Ginger and Little Johnno!' ... 'Reg, I recall 1978 ... FL2... Ron was in the cell opposite the bath: (by the back cells) : He had chinned (Robbo or somebody) ( I went to his door hatch to see him) He was smoking a fag. I reached in and shook his hand. It was like yesterday!! Then he went back up on FL3 with you. And you both waved me off when I left for Rampton! Dec. 1978. Ron was a special man! ''Unique''. Stay well Reg!'' signed 'Charly'. Drawn and written on plain white A4 paper. This item is the property of Paul Allen and was given to him by Bradley Allardyce who retains copyright. A copy of the certificate of authenticity signed by both Paul Allen and Bradley Allardyce can be presented upon request.

Auction Date: June 2015


£350 - £550

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