Lot 57

A collection of small Chinese jade congs


A collection of small Chinese jade congs. Consisting a square sectioned squat cong with angular sides, probably late Neolithic/Shang period, with a plain, undecorated surface and a large circular hole, the stone of a celadon and dark brown tone, an ArchASItic square sectioned cong, the convex faceted sides decorated with vertically aligned C-scrolls, the stone of a mottled light brown tone, together with two ArchASItic congs, probably 20th century, both of tubular form with a square cross section with incised parallel ridges spanning the corners and drilled from both ends. 1.9 in (4.7 cm) width, 1.4 in (3.5 cm) height, 1.3 in (3.3 cm) height, 1.2 in (3.1 cm) height. (4 items)

Auction Date: May 2013


£300 - £400

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