Lot 79

A Chinese jade tiger shaped pendant plaque


A Chinese jade tiger shaped pendant plaque. Warring States period (481 - 221 BC) or later. The flat plaque showing the crouching tiger in profile is finely carved on both sides in shallow relief and decorated with rASIed curled worms on a flat ground within rASIed borders to the body and with incised C-scroll patterns to the legs and is bored with a small hole for suspension, the stone is of a white and brown tone. These pendants are typical of carvings produced during the late Eastern Zhou and Han Dynasty period and bear a similar appearance to depictions of dragons found on bronzes of the same period. These tiger carvings really help to convey the shear compact strength of these creatures through the strong emphasis of the legs and scrolling claws beneath. 4.5 in (11.5 cm) length.

Auction Date: May 2013


£600 - £800

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